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Sensigent’s nanocomposite sensor technology is particularly sensitive to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) over a wide range of vapor pressures and concentrations. Arrays of nanocomposite sensors are stable, robust and reliable and have been in use for over 10 years, and in continuous use (24/7/365) for challenging industrial applications.

Leveraging over 10 yrs of research and development, Sensigent has introduced new classes of nanosensors and nanocomposites that include:

• carbon nanotubes,

• conducting polymers,

• metallic and non-metallic nanoparticles.

These new nanosensors are optimized for superior sensitivity and selectivity for small molecule gases, acids, bases and many other compounds. Whether used alone, or in combination with our nanocomposite sensors, or other commercial off the shelf sensors, Sensigent’s nanosensors provide the broadest range of chemical sensing available. Arrays of new nanosensors are available to current and new customers of the Cyranose® 320 and our other sensing products, and can be customized for research and development investigations in medicine, air quality and contamination/leak detection.

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