Sensigent Software for Multivariate Data Analysis

PC Nose: Real-time Sensor Response

CDAnalysis: Data Processing Interface

PCnose software is provided with each Cyranose 320 instrument for data logging and visualization, reviewing smellprints and for training the Cyranose. PCnose provides the user with complete control over the instrument settings and operation via an intuitive graphical user interface. Settings and data are stored together as method files enabling multiple measurement applications for each Cyranose. PCnose also provides real-time display of the NoseChip® sensor array response (the smellprint) and multiple means for data exploration and visualization via 2D and 3D data plots for multiple classification algorithms (PCA, CDA, KNN and Kmeans).

NEW FOR 2014: Our new software, PCnose+ , is available as an option with the Cyranose 320. It includes several enhancements and proprietary innovations to increase the performance and analysis capability of the Cyranose instrument. A few of the enhancements are improved calibration, single-class analysis (SCA), importance index weighting (IIW) and support vector machine (SVM). Contact us to get your software upgrade and improve the performance of your Cyranose 320. PCNose+ datasheet.

Sensigent’s powerful Chemometric Data Analysis software CDAnalysis takes data analysis to another level providing many more options for data processing, visualization and exploration with many additional classification algorithms including HCA, SIMCA and SVM. For research projects, CDAnalysis can be customized by Sensigent to accept almost any sensor data inputs, including data from other sensing instruments and analyzers, allowing for multi-dimensional and orthogonal approaches to be applied to your most challenging data sets.

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