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Analysis of Customer Samples

To help you determine what the Cyranose® 320, eNose® QA or any of our other sensing products can do for you, Sensigent can test your samples in our laboratory. Testing can include samples of your finished products, or your formulations or raw materials, including examples of “good” (acceptable) and “bad” (reject or contaminated) products.

We will work with you to understand your measurement needs and devise an appropriate protocol. Once we receive your samples, we will determine the best options for sample preparation and measurement whether solids, liquids, or vapors. After conducting the tests, we will issue a report to you on the effectiveness of our sensors and instruments to address your measurement needs. Our report will describe the instrument settings and data analysis methods utilized and thus provide you with an accelerated start to your own measurements in your factory or QC laboratory.

Specialized Testing for Sensor R&D

Sensigent can also prepare and test gas and vapor mixtures under a variety of conditions, including wide ranges in humidity (0-95% RH), temperature (-40oC to 200oC) and pressure, using our specialized test equipment. Tests can be designed to meet your requirements, or to develop customized sensors for your most challenging applications.

CONTACT US today to discuss your sensing applications and how our laboratory testing services combined with our expertise in sensing applications can accelerate your program.