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CZT based Intelligent Personal Radiation Locator (IPRL) Spectroscopic detector for rapid detection, location and identification of fugitive radiation sources.
Image from DNDO funded research contract HSHQDC-06-C-00103
The Sensigent team has developed systems of radiological sensors for rapid, sensitive and accurate detection, identification and source localization of a wide range of radiological threats per ANSI AN42.42 under multiple contracts to the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), including prime contract to Smiths Detection. The systems of radiological sensors are mobile, flexible and configurable and based on multiple SPRD-class radiation detectors and RIID-class radioisotope identifiers. Up to 36 SPRD and RIID detectors have been deployed together, including highly-pixelated CZT-based semiconductor detectors (IPRL), NaI-based scintillator detectors (IRSS), and commercial RIID-class detectors, including the Smiths RadSeeker.

Sensigent staff members are experts in multiple wireless communication protocols (ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) and custom low-power radio designs, as well as advanced high-precision (0.3 meter) location determination using state-of-art Ultra Wide-Band microwave impulse radio technology (UWB).

Sensigent staff members are experts in the application of advanced signal processing technology, e.g., Bayesian belief networks and state-of-art extensions to naïve Bayes classifiers, to increase the effectiveness of radiation detectors used for homeland security and other applications. Our advanced signal processing and sensor data fusion algorithms have improved the effectiveness of COTS radiation detectors by up to 40% as proven in rigorous long-term operational assessments at Savannah River National Laboratory and elsewhere.

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